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Mesh building banners for Streetsense DC

Posted on May 28, 2014

Whenever you see a mesh banner on the side of a building, you probably think to yourself “that doesn’t look so big.” But when you see the same mesh building banner inside, THAT seems to be different. For some reason, seeing these indoors makes them look bigger. It’s like¬†looking at a television in the store and then having it be that much bigger once you get it home and installed in your room. We are producing two 30′ x 50′ mesh building banners for Streetsense DC to promote Downtown Crown, a new development in Gaithersburg, MD. Check out the photos to see how huge these things are. And to think, these are some of the smaller building banners we’ve done. But they certainly don’t feel that way when we’re working on them!

mesh building banner for Streetsense DC by CSI panoramic

Mesh Building Banner for Streetsense by CSI